petit_fox (petit_fox) wrote in twoamigos,


Hey guys!

This entry is kinda late but I felt impelled to write it down: so sad that this com is currently very quiet.
duh, i've just found it. so excuse me. euphoria!

Unfortunately I can't offer you any brilliant fics or icons. Lame!
But what about the videos of them singing in Paris? Being very close. And being cute!

I hope this is okay. Nice to meet you all =D
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haha just LOVE seeing this again....hilariously cute x
:D Yay, I got a reply!
Yeah, Carl and Adam of course rules.
so cute! :3

Carl doesn't know the words but sure he does an excellent job holding adam that close =)

PD: seriously he can have adam singing with that voice of his in his neck and not be turned on??? cooooome'on caarl

Yeah, I'm sure Adam doesn't mind much teaching Carl all those words... ;DDDD

Haha, I love your comments already =D