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Title: Untitled angst!ficlet
Pairing: Carl/Adam
Author's notes: Another thing I have written ages ago and which has never seen the daylight before because I loathed it back then. It was written for marystmatthew, who wanted me to try myself on angst and so I gave her jealous!Adam who quite frankly just turned into areshole!Adam. The idea came me when I thought back to this picture. I don't necessarily agree with Adam's words about the picture ;)
Disclaimer: I don't even want to own this Adam.

Carl hears the door open and knows Adam is back. He’s been gone a long time for actually only wanting to get a few music mags, but if that helped him to get into a better mood that’s fine by him. Carl doesn’t really know what is wrong with Adam today but he already woke up in a bad mood and had been pissy all day long. That’s not exactly how he imagined their first day together after being apart for way too long yet again. Then again he himself, more often than not, turns into a miserable sod; and everyone is entitled to bad days - and Adam knew he was having a bad day, actually went out for that walk to the station for some mags to get out of Carl’s hair while he was in this mood. And Carl really hopes that helped, a hope which already crumbles though when he hears Adam stomping through the hallway and then standing in the door looking absolutely pissed off at something. Shite! Looks like the mood got worse instead of better. This is going to be fun.

“Could you explain this to me, please?” A magazine is thrown carelessly into his lap, open on a page which holds a picture of him with a couple of fangirls surrounding him. He recognizes it as one taken at a concert in Berlin weeks ago. The photographer had insisted on this shot although Carl felt totally stupid and tried to talk his way out of it. But only half-heartedly cause in the end just giving in to another one of those ridiculous Carl-Barât-surrounded-by-young-girls shots which all those photographers for the glossy magazines seemed to love had been way easier. Carl rolls his eyes at Adam. “Ah come on, you know those idiotic photographers, don’t you?”
“Can’t you at least put a shirt on for those, or do they force you to be half naked while all those sluts are touching you?” Adam nearly yells. Carl is taken aback and momentarily doesn’t know what to say.
“Adam … “
“Shut up! I don’t want to hear any excuses for this shit. You probably enjoy this, don’t you? All that fresh flesh that wants to have a piece of you, touch you. You just know they have these fantasies about you and them. How it would be to be fucked by you?” Adam’s voice gets louder and louder and Carl wishes he would find a way to open his mouth and say something, anything, but all he manages to do is just sit there and stare at his boyfriend while he continues throwing all these hurtful words at him. “Of course you wouldn’t want to get your shirt on first for the picture, this is way better, isn’t it? Skin to skin with all those girls. Does it turn you on, Carl, huh? Does it? DOES IT?!” Adam stares at him with a cold look in his eyes and Carl visible shies away from this look. He has never seen Adam like this before, he doesn’t know what's happening here. After a while he realizes Adam is waiting for an answer to his bloody insane question. Carl doesn’t even think to merit it with an answer, how can Adam even think such hurtful things. Instead he glares back. “What the fuck, Adam?! Are you fucking insane? And what the fuck gives you the right … “
“This!” He jerks his head towards the magazine, still lying in Carl’s lap. “Gives me the right. I really have enough of looking at pictures like that. You’d probably even would have fancied to fuck one of them. And look, you would even have had the free choice. All of them whoring themselves …”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Carl’s heart beats so fast he thinks his chest might explode. He jumps up from his sitting position and advances Adam, who still looks at him with stealy dark eyes. “Just shut the fuck up. You have no right to accuse me of any of these things. No bloody right. And now get the fuck out of here.” Adam doesn't move away from his position.
“I said GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. I won’t sit here and listen to you throwing all this fucking crap at me. Get the fuck out and calm down ... and you better don’t come back here today.” He runs to the door and jerks it open. At first Carl thinks Adam still won’t listen but then he comes storming into the hallway, grabbing his jacket ;before he gets out the door though he stops infront of Carl.
“Fine, I’d like to get as far away as possible from you anyway.” With that he is out the door. Carl lets it fall shut and leans back against it.
What the fuck has just happened?!

to be continued ... ?
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